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CBJ International Trading Corp.

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About Us


We stand for quality and affordable price points, whilst also meeting short deadlines. We deliver.

How we deliver

We achieve this by using our various sourcing offices, all over the world. We have sourcing offices in:

  • Shanghai, China
  • Mumbai, India
  • Chicago, USA
  • Boston, USA
  • Singapore

With each we signed strict SLA’s and compliance of ethical standards in place to meet our deadlines and quality standards. When in production we will do (3rd party) quality checks along the way and make sure the product is according to all our set requirements. We only choose (recycled) materials fusing high-quality standards.  This enables us to offer high-quality products for an affordable price. To meet deadlines we start by understanding our supply chain, we stand for honesty and trustworthiness, when we make a promise we will make sure to deliver.


CBJ International Trading Corp. is one of the few minority suppliers in the promotional product segment registered with CAMSC. CBJ International Trading Corp. started at the beginning of 2020 and is already becoming a well-known supplier within the market. With our sourcing partners  all over the world, we can source many products in short timeframe, and can make our catalog grow at a fast rate to enable you to buy whatever you need! We can deliver beautiful customized products  by using high-quality equipment.


The most important thing to us is quality, since we understand the pain of receiving a product that is not the quality you had hoped for. That is why we not only offer samples but also do quality control along the entire production process, while doing this quality control we will also share images for you to review, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments when and where needed. In addition, we also keep a sealed sample of each product, to ensure each product is the same or higher high quality that you and us expect.


We know that an amazing product always starts with good research and we try to stay ahead of the trends and research our products in detail. This ensures you that when you receive the product everything is how it supposed to be. We at CBJ International Trading Corp. will always be available for any request and research the product for you, so you can focus on your business while we solve your request, while never making false promises and keeping you up to date.


Within CBJ International Trading Corp. we always strive to offer the best products from a sustainability aspect. With every product we have strict rules for materials used. When it is available, we will use the best material for sustainability, think of 100% organic cotton recycled material, or vegetably tanned leather, or certified beech wood.

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