5 reasons promotional products improve your brand (In 2021)

5 reasons promotional products improve your brand (In 2021)

Some businesses look for reasons to buy promotional products. In this article, there will be a list of just 5 reasons for the power of promotional products and how they can benefit your business. Do know these are just the top 5 reasons for promotional products, there can be countless more!

1.    Brand awareness 

One of the benefits of promotional products for a business is brand awareness is one of the most important things. It helps consumers gain trust in your brand and promote it towards other potential consumers. In research of PPAI, it was concluded that in 88% of the cases consumers recalled the promotional product received and which brand it was by.

PPAI also found that the products most recalled are wearable items. This can improve the chance of succeeding with gaining more brand awareness by 41%. Six out of the ten consumers also wish the product is able to spend up to 2 years without breaking and out of those 53% will use it more than once a week. (Succeeding with your brand awareness goal even more)

2.    Gifts, Gifts and more gifts

One more benefit of promotional products is happiness, not only do consumers like receiving promotional products but also giving has a positive mental effect. Karen Pine psychologist says receiving gifts creates a feeling of appreciation, however, there needs to be a strong connection between the product and the receiver. This will mean that some research is needed, but many promotional product companies will gladly help you find your perfect promotional product gift.

3.    Sales increase

Another HUGE benefit of promotional products is the increase in sales. PPAI concluded out of research, that consumers who received a promotional gift did business with the giver in 52% of the cases.

This for a company can be a huge opportunity, imagine giving a promotional product of few bucks. This lets us directly run into the next major benefit!

4.    Cost-effective

Maybe the BIGGEST reason for promotional product giving: Cost-effectiveness. Like we already said six out of ten consumers use their received product for more than 2 years and of those 53% use it at least once a week. This makes the cost per impression of your brand lower than any traditional commercial.

Imagine a product that would still work after 10+ years this would mean if you would gift 1.000 products, 600 consumers will use them for their entire life span, of which 318 will see them at least once a week.

Imagine spending 20.000$ on this, this might sound like a lot but let’s convert this to cost per impression, only taking into account the owner of the product, and not even the potential friends, family, or relatives. 10 years x 52 weeks = 520 potential uses and brand being seen by the consumer. This is just for one consumer, do this x the 318 who will use it once a week meaning 165.360 uses in total for just 20.000$, so per impression just 0.12$.

Even ASI one of the major companies providing a platform for promotional products buying and selling. Can confirm the cost-effectiveness of the promotional products industry.

5.    First impressions matter

Imagine two companies fighting for a deal, one gives you a gift and one just promotes their product and why you should buy their product. A consumer will remember the gift more and can later also look back at the gift to remember your product or service.


The benefits of promotional products are endless and can really benefit your company. We recommend to just try it and see what it can do for you. However, go for high-quality products because the longer and more a product can be used the cheaper the cost per impression will get! 

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