What are the promotional market trends (In 2021)

What are the promotional market trends (In 2021)

The promotional product market was worth 23.3 billion USD in 2017 and has been consistently growing since 2009. Expected is that the promotional product market was worth 24.2 billion USD in 2019. For the past 5 years, the promotional product market has grown with an annual growth rate of 2.7%.


In the promotional product market trends change every single year. Keeping up with these trends is an art. It is important that as a business you stay ahead of these promotional market trends so that you have the best products for your customers and clients. In 2019 the biggest category was wearables and fashion accessories, this is one that always remains at the top of trends. In 2017 this was also the biggest trend. We expect that this trend will remain and will possibly grow in 2021 as more and more wearables are entering space.

When looking at the year 2017 and the year 2020 technology grew by an additional percent. When looking at the developments in the market trends we see that Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, and major tech companies are improving their wearables and accessories categories quickly. The most trending category is wearables and will grow hand in hand with the technology product category.

The product trends of 2019

Source: PPAI 2017 Consumer study

Top promotional product trends of 2021

The personal protection wear was the fastest grower in 2020 and will probably still spend a bit of time within the market and will probably have seen a huge boost in the year 2020 in regards to the COVID-19 situation. However, as there is expected to be a vaccine near the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, the personal protection equipment (PPE) might see a drop in promotional products. What will the hottest promotional market trends of 2021 be? We got you covered!

Say YES to quality products

Times change and receivers of the products want to use the promotional products as long as possible in 81% of the cases a product is used for more than a year, and even in 22% of the cases, it is used longer than 6 years.

Consumers expect products that last, if they like the product they will use it until the lifespan of a product ends. For you as a business, this means promotional products will keep generating promotions for a couple of years when buying products with quality.

Think of leather, wood, clothing, metal, and any other product you might think of, of the highest quality. Your brand will be represented on the product as long as you wish by investing in higher quality products. Cheaper might not be the best margin at the end, but also your clients won’t use your product long enough to remember your name.

Percentage of how long promotional products are kept

Source: PPAI 2017 Consumer study

Everyday use

Coming into play together with quality products and long-lasting use of products. The best step for a business is to adapt everyday use products into their promotional product list. This will increase the likely hood of the brand getting seen on a daily basis. Increasing the opportunity for new sales or potential customers. On top of that, you might even create brand loyalists!

With everyday products, we can understand products like a keychain, pens, keyholders, clothing, and/or COVID help products that came into play during unusual pandemic times. Everyday products are also very handy to use for the customer making it a pleasant association to your brand.

We expect that this market will grow very heavily as people will quickly go out and about again when they get the chance again. Get your everyday useful drivers here: Everyday Useful Products.

How often are products recalled

Source: PPAI 2017 Consumer study


COVID-19 has taken away a lot of sporting events and sporting possibilities. It is important that as a business you make sure you adapt to the possible trend of increase in sporting activities and events. In this case, the promotional trend will be a lot of sporting events where giving away branded promotional products might increase your business a lot.

Products to think about in this category: …

These products will help to remember back to the nice sporting events or help to motivate to go sporting again. As a business, the likelihood of reuse of products will be high, and consumers will have a positive and healthy association with your brand. Perfect for brands in food, sport, and any other health industry.


Of course, we can’t forget apparel in this list, it is a category that will always remain. People like to dress ????. Why not use this to your brand advantage by getting promotional products in the apparel sector. This means consumers will wear your brand! Now not only your consumer will see your brand on a regular basis but also his or her surroundings.

In the apparel category, there is a lot of possibilities, think of hoodies, shirts, caps, pants, or anything else you can wear. Custom print with a simple design or do you want a full-blown heavy design that really jumps out of the crowd everything is possible in apparel.

Expected is that this will remain in the top list in 2021, it will probably stay the same in regards to size of the promotional product sector. But it will be something your consumers will always be happy about to receive.


As said COVID-19 will be hopefully over soon with the coming vaccine and new insides in regard to the virus. Many businesses and consumers will return to traveling as this is something, they missed so dearly during the unusual times of 2020.

Promotional products are also available in the travel industry, as an airline we recommend offering consumers products that they can use during their travel. Think of handbags, suitcases, passport holders, and/or bottles.

Products that will make traveling easier will improve the length of use of the promotional products. Again, the everyday use products come forward, consumers find the product useful on a daily basis thus making a positive association to your brand.

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