HangaRay Trace Magnetic keychain

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The HangarayTrace is your everyday help. Wear your keys conveniently, due to the magnets inside you can wear it on pockets, belts, bags, whatever & whenever you want! It must resist the forces it faces, every day again! HangarayTrace is equipped with a Bluetooth tracker from Chipolo TM. Find your belongings or phone in seconds! Set up smart alerts that remind you when you forget your Hangaray. Not only fashionable but also incredibly SMART! Guaranteed Wow-effect! Made from 100% vegetably tanned Vachetta leather.


  • Vachetta/Branco Leather
  • N35 Magnets (Zinc coated)
  • Chipolo Tracker

*Can be sourced in different colors, please contact support@cbj-trading.com, to request a specific PMS code

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