We understand that as a business we are accountable to our community, environment and employees. Our responsibilities in combination with our values of “together, equal, trustworthy and respectful”. Are the guide for how we operate our business. 

Code Of Conduct

CBJ International Trading Corp. is dedicated to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We do not only follow applicable federal and provincial law requirements, customs and published industry standards, but we also try to improve the entire market, by holding ourselves and our suppliers responsible for regulations set by us. These requirements set by us are not optional but mandatory!

The following commitments which and are shared by our manufacturers and suppliers:

Product Safety

At CBJ International Trading Corp. we will comply with all the applicable laws and regulations in regards to product safety. And we will meet all the voluntary recognized regulations and industry standards for our products and processes. We will also commit ourselves to improve the industry by continually improving every aspect related to product safety.

No Child Labor

In NO CIRCUMSTANCE shall we at CBJ International Trading Corp. or any of our manufacturers and suppliers use child labor.

With child labor the term “child” refers to a person younger than 16 (or 15 where local law allows it) or, if higher, the local legal minimum age of employment or the age for completing compulsory education.

No Forced Labor

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. and our manufacturers and suppliers shall NOT use any forced labor in any form, for example: prison, bonded, indentured or any other forced form of labor.

No Bribery/Corruption

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. will never offer, giver, solicit, or receive any form of bribe, kickback or improper inducement in order to secure business or regulatory approval. This applies to the entire way CBJ International Trading Corp. operates worldwide even if in that part of the world it is part of the “normal way of doing business”. In NO way is this accepted.

No Fraud

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. must never engage in fraud or any other dishonest way of doing property, assets, financial reporting or accounting. This is also required towards our manufacturers and suppliers.

No Sharing Confidential Information

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. value and protect all confidential customer information. We will do all in our power protect this information as if it were our own.

No Harassment

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. treat each employee with dignity and respect, and will not use corporal punishment, threats, violence or any other form of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse. We all ways say: “Culture always wins!”

No Discrimination

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. are one of only a few minority suppliers in the promotional product market. We want to be a lead example in this area, this is why we will NEVER discriminate in hiring and employment practices, including salary, benefits, advancements, discipline, termination, or retirement, or on the basis of race, religion, age, nationality, social or ethical origin, sexual orientation, gender, political opinion or disability. One of our core values is: “everyone is equal!”

No Illegal Non-Compliant Conduct

We at CBJ International Trading Corp. take full responsibility for ensuring that we all act with integrity in any and all situations. All employees shall report any practices or actions believed to be inappropriate or illegal under this Code of conduct to their supervisors, HR department or Compliance department.

Respect In The Association

One of our core values is respect in the association, every one has a voice and that voice needs to be heard. Together we are stronger than alone. If in any cases someone feels insecure or threatened within the association, HR or their supervisor will anonymously look into the issue.

Respect For Workplace Conditions

Everyone deserves a safe and good workplace, that is why within our office we invest in equipment that will make the tasks easier and better sustainable for your posture. And in the factories we look into safe working stations and good conditions for better working abilities.

Respect For Compensation – Hours And Wages

We all deserve to be compensated for what we do, NEVER shall we at CBJ International Trading Corp. not compensate someone for their hours. We value the person, their time and their work, we will always make sure to compensate fairly!

Respect For Protection Of The Environment

As many companies we respect the environment, we try to preserve the environment by only working with factories with the best regulations and rules to protect the environment. And by only selecting materials which are good and safe for the environment, if such a product is not developed yet we will do everything in our power to develop such a product.

Respect For Laws And Policies

Just like everyone else we at CBJ International Trading Corp. need to follow the laws and policies, we will make sure to always follow these rules, and not try to enter grey areas. We shall always respect these laws and policies and try to be the initiative taker by setting new policies!

Failure To Comply

In case CBJ International Trading Corp. or any other party associated with CBJ International Trading Corp. we shall compensate the damage done. And we will make sure such an incident never occurs again, we shall always take our responsibility as we are the controlling party.

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